Ate Cauliflower. Didn’t Die.

Some people are just not cauliflower people and I am one of those people. But, this recipe looked interesting as I’m trying to eat healthier and to switch to a mostly vegetarian diet. I thought roasting cauliflower might negate my objections to the vegetable and give me something meaty to chew on. It worked. It’s still never going to be my favorite thing, but the texture and taste… Um…. I don’t don’t know how to describe it, but it lacks the dry, hard crumbliness of raw cauliflower and it’s sharp taste and the soggy grossness of the steamed stuff. Over all this was a solid and easy to fix meal that can be changed up to fit whatever you feel like eating and what’s in your fridge.

I found this recipe on Budget Bytes, which has all sorts of low fuss, healthy meals and, as the name suggests, are budget friendly.

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