Old Abe Trail

The Old Abe State Trail is a rail trail that runs 36 miles north-east from Eau Claire to Burnett Island State Park. Other than a 2.5 mile section in Chippewa Falls, the trail is all separated from the road. Until now. Last year crews started working on getting the last little bit of trail in and sometime in the last month or two they finished it. Now you can ride, off street, all the way from downtown Eau Claire to Burnett Island. Yay.

In Eau Claire the Old Abe Trail merges with the Chippewa River Trail, another rail trail that runs south-west along the Chippewa river for 26 miles to the town of Durand. The CRT also connects with the Red Cedar Trail which runs 14 mile north from the connection point to the town of Menomonie. Which gives us a grand total of 76 miles of interconnected rail trails to pedal along on, all car and care free.

The photo is looking north headed into Chippewa Falls on the new section of trail.

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