Deep Systemic Change?

I’ve seen a few bits online complaining that the Biden/Harris ticket isn’t one of “deep systemic change”, and while these people are right, they are also wrong. “Deep systemic change” isn’t something that can be delivered to you top down, it’s something that has to grow from the bottom up. And yeah, I get that some admins would be more helpful than others in this regard, and B&H aren’t going to be that helpful, but they’re not going to do anything to stop you either.

The place to start “deep systemic change” isn’t just waaay down ballot it’s not even on the ballot; it’s with you. No one’s going to follow you if you’re not a living example of what you want to see in the world. Want to crush the oil companies? Get bike lanes built? Improve public transit? Better pump up the tires on your bike and get a bus pass. No one’s going to give you their time or ear if you’re not already doing what you’re calling for. Your mayor and city planner seeing people actually out and about on bikes is a much more powerful tool to get bike infrastructure built than sending a couple emails a year..

The local level is the place where you can have the biggest effect. It’s not just getting people elected, it’s getting people on local advisory boards, it’s getting a friend or two on the board at your local library or on the board at the local YMCA and other local nonprofits and advocacy groups. These positions help build the culture of your community and help shape what your city council does and they serve as stepping stone to elected office.

Then look to the state level. And again, don’t just look at elected positions, there are all sorts of advisory boards at the state level helping to make policy. Once your people have served on boards they’re a great fit for running for a state level seat.

A federal government that chugs competently along and doesn’t raise a ruckus or get in your way is in a lot of ways the best thing you can ask for. This sort of government, which is what B&H bring to the table, will let you and yours make changes in your lives and at the local and state level and as those changes prove to be workable and start to trickle upwards admins like B&H will allow themselves to be co-opted and adopt your changes with little fanfare or fuss.

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