The Rona?

I’ve been out sick the last half of this week with a viral sinus infection, which is a recurrent thing for me that I have to deal with every couple of years. But, this time around things have been a bit strange. For a week or so before I got sick I had absolutely no energy and had a hard time staying awake. When I got sick my actual sinus infection symptoms were quite mild, but I had extreme body aches and slept for about 16 hours a day for four days in a row, which is way outside the norm. Today’s the first day that I’ve felt fully recovered so I decided to do my outandabouting on my bike and I’ve gone from being able to do 40 mile day rides to having to take a break halfway though 5 miles of errand running and coming home completely drenched in sweat. I’m left wondering if I had more than just a sinus infection going on and maybe got The Rona?

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