Older voters were the core support for President Trump in 2016 and this time around it looks like a sizable chunk that support is going over to Biden. Which has me wondering: with all the vitriol that’s been hurled at brown and gay people over the last 4 years, and with the chances that if you were born after 1940 and have grandkids that at least a couple of those grandchildren are brown skinned and/or out and gay, are those older voters are looking at their grandkids and saying hell no to the haters?

I don’t go in for Grand Theories. When voting I think people vote their worldview and what would help their family and friends. With the prevalence of mixed-race and openly gay people in the millennial and Z generations, and the current state of the nation, it would make sense that older voters would vote to protect their grandkids. But, are they actually doing this? I don’t know and it looks like no one in the political press is asking that question.

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