Coffee Outside: The O’ Fuck, Hornets! Episode.

I was going to do some coffee outside action at Carson Park this morning and so I got the Bridge Club loaded up with my coffee fixings, stopped by Qwick Trip for a cinnamon roll, and then rolled the couple miles down to Carson Park. All was good in the world as I was setting up and getting everything “just so” until I heard one of the folks at a picnic table a ways down from me let out a yelp. Turns out a member of their party stepped in a nest of ground dwelling hornets. After making sure I wasn’t needed for first aid purposes and noticing that there were definitely some hornets buzzing around I decided it would be best to continue my roll down to Randall Park. So, that’s a picture of my bike, loaded up with coffee fixings, at Randal Park that you’re looking at.

That’s a Sugarloaf bag on the front of my bike. It’s designed to work with a Wald Basket, but will work just fine without the basket as long as the bottom’s supported and you have something to latch the sides to. Grabbing the link for it just now it looks like the price has gone up and personally, while I like the bag, I wouldn’t pay that kind of money for it.

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