Defined Rivers II

As noted earlier, Eau Claire has two rivers running through it, the most noted one being the Chippewa, the other being one of the three Eau Claire Rivers in Wisconsin. You tell the three apart by noting which river they are a tributary of. Our Eau Claire river is the Eau Claire River (tributary of the Chippewa).

Our Eau Claire River gets it’s start about 40 miles east of here with it’s headwaters stretching a further twenty or so miles towards the north-east. The section of Wisconsin that the Eau Claire river flows through has a lot of sandy soils and piney woods, and not a lot of people in it. There are a few farms in places where the soils are suitable, and a fair number of vacation cabins, especially around Lake Eau Claire which was formed by damming the river in 1937. Just outside Eau Claire there’s a second dam that forms lake Altoona, which has year round homes on it and is a popular spot for boating in the summer and ice fishing in the winter. As shown in the photos the final stretch of the river from Lake Altoona to it’s confluence with the Chippewa River flows through a heavily wooded and steeply banked ravine.

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