Half Moon Lake

Along with the rivers, Half Moon lake is another watery attraction in Eau Claire and with it mostly surrounded by park land and bike paths there’s great public access to it as well.

Half Moon Lake is an 135, or so, acre Ox Bow of the Chippewa river with a average depth of 5 or 6 feet. While now-a-days it’s purely recreational, back in Eau Claire’s sawmill days* there was a flume that ran from the Chippewa River to Half Moon Lake and it was used as a holding pond for logs going to a sawmill on the banks of the lake.

Water levels in the lake are maintained by surface run off and a couple of wells when things start to get low. The structure in the pic on the bottom left is the lake outlet, which runs via a pipe to the Chippewa river. The mashy bits of the lake are pretty good for bird watching in the spring and fall. And while people do fish in lake, I don’t think I’d want to eat anything that came out of it.

*Back in the day Eau Claire was nicknamed Saw Dust City.

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