Got Lost In My Own Neighborhood

Putnam Heights from Google Maps

I live in the Putnam Heights neighborhood of Eau Claire which, I guess, you could call post WWII semi-suburbia, the lots are a little too small and the blocks are a little too square for Putnam Heights to really be “the burbs” for me.

Despite living here for about 3 years now I still haven’t learned most of the street names and with some of the neighborhood streets at an angle to main streets, others square to the main streets, with some streets dead ending, and with the neighborhood being almost dead flat and all the houses looking the same I sometimes have a hard time finding my way around.

Today’s “oops where am I” was pretty minor and I was able to quickly figure out that I was headed in the right direction. But, there have been times where I’ve had to stop my bike and dig out my phone to see where I was out and what I needed to do to get home.

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