Post Election Worries and Hawk Update

Apparently the Cooper’s Hawk I saw the other day has discovered that my neighborhood is a good hunting ground. I can’t see it, but I’ve heard it calling both yesterday and today.

There’re a few folks out there worried that those of us, more or less, on the left will think the fight is over if Biden wins and will quit pushing for reforms. It seems to me that even the Biden/Harris camp understands that the fight will go on after the election. And while Biden/Harris and their people won’t be leading the charge, they do seem open to being co-opted here and there, which I find encouraging. If Biden wins, I have no doubt that people will take a breather and tone things down a bit, but the cat’s out of the bag on reforms and the push with continue.

My worry, which I really do think is going to come true, is that after the election we’re going to see increased political violence from the right. It doesn’t matter who wins. Trump wins and they’ll feel justified and his admin won’t do much, if anything, to stop it. Biden wins and they’ll call it “saving America” and claim it’s a civil war or insurgency. Either way, this is going to make the violence we saw in the Clinton (OKC bombing) and Obama Admins look like small potatoes.

It’s time to start a larger conversation on how to stay safe and healthy in a turbulent and unsafe world.

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