A Bright Idea

More boring #EDC stuff… But, with COVID still around, winter coming, and tumult, pretty much, guaranteed by the election I do think it’s good to talk about how we get through times like these. And having a small, always near you “boo-boo” kit and a couple good flashlights helps in that regard.

I like non-recharging lights as I’m terrible about keeping things charged up. I, also, like to keep the battery madness to a minimum so getting lights that all use the same battery works for me. I live in Wisconsin and have had better results in our long, cold, winters with CR123 batteries than with lithium-ion 2 and 3 “A” batteries. I’m also just buying for me. If I was buying for a family or office the expense of the CR123’s might be too much.

The lights in the photo are really just place holders, but #Thrunight and #Streamlight do make good quality stuff. I like having the tiny light for things like spotting my keys in the bottom of a bag or making sure cars see me when crossing a street and having the larger, brighter light for actually seeing my way. But, really the point here is to always have some sort of extra light around. The lights are handy to have around now and could become even more so if things become more unstable in the near future.

The orange tape on the handles is there to make them easier to see in the dark or when sitting on something that’s also dark colored.

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