Everyday Adventure Triptych

Please forgive that the photos aren’t stitched together in a proper triptych, my photo editing software epic failed me in this endeavor.

Some people save their money and time off to go on grand adventures in faraway lands, or spend weeks at a time hiking or paddling though wildernesses. Those options sound great to me but, what I actually need to live a happy and healthy life isn’t the yearly escape or once-in-a-life-time trip, it’s the everyday adventure. I need to get outside for at least a couple hours every third day. Every day would be better. But, at least every third day or I start to get gloomy and pensive.

Here’re three pics from todays little adventure, which took me around town and then traversed the southern bank of the Eau Claire River. This is right in town in Eau Claire, but you can still get the feeling of being out in the woods for at least a little while.

Looking downstream
Looking upstream from the same location as above
A little further along the trail

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