Boiled Cider

I’m late. Boiled cider is a fall must have around my place and I’ve usually made some up long before the end of October.

Boiled cider is exactly what it sounds like: get some good quality, local, freshly pressed cider, and and boil it down to a syrup, concentrating the flavor along the way. Most examples of this I’ve found use straight cider, but I like to add just a pinch on mulling spices to mine. How much people boil their cider down seems to vary. I go from a half-gallon down to just under a pint.

My favorite use for boiled cider is as syrup on french toast or waffles, I’ll sauté some apples and walnuts in butter and then add some BC to the pan when they’re done cooking. It’s also a good glaze on bone in skin on chicken or turkey breasts or for a little extra flavor in oatmeal cookies.

Please ignore the greasy tea kettle

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