You Can Carry That On A Bike

First of all I’d like to point out that I do actually eat fruit and veg. I live alone and buy fruit and veg once or twice a week from a store close to my apartment. This was a trip to a big store on the edge of town to stock up on mostly non-perishables.

The rear panniers on the bike in the pic are actually small front panniers, they work just fine on the rear and are big enough to suit my needs. The bag on the front is stuffed full of heavy stuff and all that weight up high is technically overloading the front of the bike, but it rides fine for a few miles of low speed slogging and I had no issues on the ride home. I’m not sure how much all that weighed, but when I got home I tried lifting my bike and could do so only with some difficulty. It’s a little under $100 worth of groceries.

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