Widefoot Nalgene Bottle Cage

Back when I bought my Surly Bridge Club the idea was that I’d set it up with a Widefoot water bottle cage on the 3 pack mount on the underside of the down-tube to carry my tools, spare tube, and a few bits and bobs. Fast forward a little over a year and I’ve finally gotten around to actually doing it. I still need to dump the water and fill the bottle with it’s planned contents, but at least I’ve gotten the cage on the bike.

Clearance between the top of the water bottle and the fender is plenty enough. My bike’s a size large, not sure how well that would work on a smaller bike. The cage holds the bottle quite securely, but if you’re worried about it bouncing out the cage is slotted so a strap can go around your bottle.

I’m liking the setup so far.

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