The Goat Is Back In Black/ Some Pics From Around Town

I took a spin down Water Street, which is the closest thing that Eau Claire has to a college town main drag, and was happily surprised to see that the coffee shop The Goat had gotten a remodel. Last time I’d been by it was looking torn apart and forlorn and I’d wondered if it had become a victim of The Rona. I stopped for an iced cold press to go, which was delicious, and quick snap of the newly remodeled building.

The rest of the pics are just some random stuff I snapped while outandabout.

Tasty coffee and snackage!
The High Bridge, an old rail bridge, now part of a rail trail. There’s a newer and currently used rail bridge just upstream of here.
Some of the oldest surviving housing in Eau Claire, newly fixed up and looking great.
Cyclist and blogger Guitar Ted has named this time of year in our area (he’s about 200 miles south of me) The Brown Season.
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