On The Changing Of Minds

The first thing you need in order to to change someone’s mind about something is a person with a mind that is opened to being changed.

All the fighting and ugliness over the last four years closed a lot of minds to the possibility of changing. The very real, very huge threats presented by COVID 19 caused even more retrenchment, more closing down and bunkering in for safety. It’s left us with very few people with minds that feel safe enough to be open to be changed.

I’m an optimist. I think Joe Biden is going to win the presidency. I think much of the ugliness of the last four years will fade and in time people will feel safe to take on new experiences, new thoughts, and will be open to having their minds changed.

But, make no mistake, if you were one of the people reveling in the ugliness of the last four years every mind that closed and barred the door to change because of your ugliness, because of your threat to its safety, will be closed to you forever.

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