One Of The Benefits of NOT Riding Tubeless

The tire in the pic was extremely hard to get on the bike and, I think, what happened here is that in putting the it on last spring I put a micro-tear in the sidewall which worsened over time. About two months ago I could see a few millimeter long tear starting which rapidly progressed to where it is now and seems to have stopped growing.

Rather than act responsibly and either get a sidewall patch on the tear or replace the tire, I decided to stick a patch and a spare tube on my bike and just see how things went. How things have gone is that I’ve ridden in the neighborhood of 400 miles on a torn sidewall with no issues what so ever. 🤪🤪🤪🤪

A replacement tire showed up today via The Big Brown Truck Of Happiness, hence the write up.

This one really is a do as I say, not as I do. Riding around for 400 miles on a torn sidewall is dumb. Please, don’t this. But… The moral of the story is that had that been a tubeless tire I probably wouldn’t have had the option of riding 400 miles on it. So, a good little bit of info to file away in the back of the cranial filing cabinet, which I’ll hopefully never have to use.

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