Civil Disagreement

Wether or not we should all come together and forgive old slights now that Joe Biden has won the presidential election is much in the news these days.

I would like to add this thought to the discussion: If I get up in someone’s face and call them a bastard, it might change their opinion of me but, not only will it not change their opinion on the issue we were discussing it might close their mind to ever being changed on that issue. Similarly, phony forgiveness of someone that’s gotten in your face and called you a bastard never works out well. The slight is still there. The tendency to want to turn on your lizard brain in their presence will still happen.

However, I can disagree with someone and still be civil. Civil disagreement leaves a mind open to being changed and slights being forgiven at a later date. Civil disagreement leaves a relationship open to working together to get the work of today done and open to agreeing on issues in the future.

So, let’s agree to disagree and be civil about it.

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