Poking Around East Of Town

It was freakishly warm today, temps in the mid 50’s, so I headed out of town on my bike to do a little exploring. First stop was Bullhead Pond, which I’ve been to many time before and is a great hangout.

Bullhead Pond

Next I headed for the Eau Claire County Forest, which is just down the road from Bullhead Pond. I was going to do some poking around in the forest the last time I was out that way, but I got about 200 yards into the forest, saw two very large, very fresh, bear scats, and decided to come back another time. Today’s adventure was bear scat free.

Eau Claire County Forest

Last up on today’s adventure was a quick spin thought LL Phillips County Park. That’s Seven Mile Creek in the photo, which runs from north to south for 3-4 miles and dumps into the Eau Claire River just upstream of Lake Altoona.

LL Phillips County Park

All in I rode about 20 miles, most of it on paved roads. It was a fun little trip and nice to be able to be outside without bundling up.

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