Sometimes My Tea Needs A Little Encouragement

Way back a long time ago I bought a little Joby smartphone tripod and, as sometimes happens, the tripod went from the front of my desk, to the back of my desk, to the storage box right next to my desk, and never got used. I found it today while sorting through some stuff and decided to see how well the tripod works. It took a little trial and error and fiddling around to get everything just so. Once I got everything sorted I found that it works just fine for short movie clips.

Also, for some reason, my phone balks at uploading MP4’s. I’m guessing it’s something to do with file size, but I don’t know. So, tonight I was trying different ways to get my little clip of me making my tea online. Email and direct uploads to YouTube and WordPress were a no go, but Google Drive worked just fine. From Google Drive I was able to hop it over to YouTube. It’s good to have that figured out.

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