I ❤️ These Boots (Solomon Shelter)

Living in Wisconsin you need a good set or three of boots. I had two sets: a heavy duty, super insulated pair for the depths of winter and a pair of of un-insulated LL Bean “duck” boots for slush/mud season.

Fall of 2019 I decided I needed to up my game to a pair of lightly insulated boots for the times in between the deep freeze and slush season and so I picked up a pair of Solomon Shelters and I couldn’t be happier. I think these might be the 2018 model as I got them way on sale in the fall of 2019.

This winter has been freakishly warm by Wisconsin standards, so the Shelters have been my go to boot for most of the winter. They’ve kept my feet warm, dry, and comfortable on walks of up to 3 hours in temps down to about 15 degree (f). The Shelters do fine for shorter stretches down to about 5 degrees (f). I live across the street from a bagel place and I’d use the Shelter’s for a quick pop across the street for a bagel and coffee to go (stupid COVID no hanging out). But, anything lower than about 5 degrees and I’d go with my big boots.

In terms of durability: I’ve logged a lot of hours and miles in these over two winters and they’re not showing much wear at all, the insulation isn’t compacting, and the outer and waterproof booty aren’t starting to wet out or clog. They’re every bit as water proof and breathable (which is very) as the day I got them.

Stats and feel wise: they have a soft shell outer with a waterproof breathable liner in them that breathes well and has never wetted out on me, but I’m usually wearing them in below freezing temps. I couldn’t find a # for the amount of insulation in them, but they’re lightly insulated. I wore them to Christmas in the Seattle area in 2019 and my feet never felt overly warm or sweaty, so they do fine up to the low 40’s or so and walks in the rain were no problem. They’re chukka hight, which keeps the wet and cold out, but doesn’t leave your feet feeling bulky or over burdened. Solomon claims they weigh 390 grams per boot, but mine weighed in at 440 grams. On your feet they feel light and springy, and closer to a trail runner than a hiking boot. I’m not sure what kinda of jujutsu is going on with the soles, but they’re super sure footed and grippy.

If you’re tired of cold feet in the winter and live somewhere where the temps are routinely between about 40 and 15F these Solomon Shelters are well worth trying out.

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