Receptacle/ Don’t Take The Advice

Despite having taken a couple botany classes in college and this bit of a plant having a common enough name, I had to go back and look it up. College was a long time ago. 😊

The usual advise on sharing photos is to only show your best. It’s not a bit of advise that I tend to agree with. There are a myriad of reasons to show a photo that isn’t your best work, like to point out that when working with macros like this pic you need to be extra careful about depth of field. By pointing out that a this pic could have benefited from a higher f stop and greater depth of field people seeing this picture can learn from it and maybe improve their own work.

By showing not so great photo, instead of just the reshoot I will inevitably do in a few days, I can show my growth as a photog. And I’ve grown weary of just looking at/posting pretty pictures. I want narrative. I want to see the story of a photographers growth and the changes in way they look at and present the world. I want to know the history behind the photo. Why it was taken? Why did you choose to present this? ‘Cause I’m greedy and demanding like that…

Also, It’s your stuff. Your photos. Your webpage. Do what makes you happy with them. If other people don’t dig it they don’t have to look.

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