If You’re Going To Live In Farm Country, You Might As Well Have A Tractor Seat!

The original saddle on my Surly Bridge Club did not fit me at all, so I swapped it out for a Brooks C15 . I thought the C15 might be a little too narrow, but the saddle on my road bike was going to need replacing soon and if it didn’t work on the Bridge Club it would probably work on the road bike so I went with the C15 instead of the wider C17.

Fast forward a year and a bit (I get around to fixing/replacing things eventually), and yeah, the C15 was too narrow for the Bridge Club AND my 2020 REI dividend happened to be almost the exact amount of a C17. With EVERYTHING going on it was nice to be able to order up my new saddle without spending cash. I just got back from a quick test ride and it feels about perfect. I think the C17 and I are going to get along just fine. And it doesn’t look nearly as “tractor seat-ish” as I thought it would.

The weather forecast for the next week looks great and I can’t wait to get outandabout on my bike with its new saddle.

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