Hazelnut Flour

I Absolutely love hazelnuts and have wanted to try baking with hazelnut flour for about forever, but I’ve always held off on it as the stuff is OMFG expensive. Anyway, I took the plunge and bought a couple pounds of the stuff last week and used it for the first time today mixed 50/50 with barley flour in waffles (the most fool proof recipe I could think of). That’s the hazelnut flour on the topside of the pic. I didn’t get a pic of the one waffle I’ve made, because I scarfed it straight from the waffle iron. It never even hit a plate. That waffle was delicious: crisp outside, light and fluffy inside, nice nutty flavor.

Hazelnut flour is larger grained and fluffier than regular flours so some figuring out of equivalents and weighing is needed (I just eyeballed things today), but if today’s results are anything to go by it’s worth the extra cost and fiddling.

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