The Rona?

I’ve been out sick the last half of this week with a viral sinus infection, which is a recurrent thing for me that I have to deal with every couple of years. But, this time around things have been a bit strange. For a week or so before I got sick I had absolutely no energy and had a hard time staying awake. When I got sick my actual sinus infection symptoms were quite mild, but I had extreme body aches and slept for about 16 hours a day for four days in a row, which is way outside the norm. Today’s the first day that I’ve felt fully recovered so I decided to do my outandabouting on my bike and I’ve gone from being able to do 40 mile day rides to having to take a break halfway though 5 miles of errand running and coming home completely drenched in sweat. I’m left wondering if I had more than just a sinus infection going on and maybe got The Rona?

Good Night Moon

I’ve been trying to get a good picture of the moon for the last couple of nights and while this one isn’t perfect I thought it was good enough to share.

I’ve been too busy with regular life lately to do much photography, but I do think the decisions to get off social media, start my own blog, and focus more on art-ish photography we’re the right ones for me. I’m quite enjoying myself even if I don’t have much time and energy for it at the moment.

Dear Gun Nuts

We had a shooting here in Wisconsin the other day. Two people dead, one wounded, and the 17 yo kid who did the shooting has ruined his life and is looking at a long jail sentence.

And this was over what? An argument that got out of hand at a corporate owned corner store that never even asked for people to show up with guns and could have hired security if they’d actually wanted it.

All these stores: the Apple Store, Nike Town, Whatever Mart, that you think you’re protecting are capable of hiring security and never asked you to show up. So why do you think it’s somehow your “patriotic duty” to rush to their armed defense? It’s not. It’s not your job. Let the stores figure it out for themselves how they want to handle things and leave it at that.

This whole thing is just stupid.

Next time there’s a protest stay at home. If the local Qwick Trip wants security they can hire professionals.