Constantly running into horribleness on social media is part of why this blog exists. My friends, family, and my little foodie & bicycles corner of social media were great. But, stray outside the line very far and I would run into something dreadful. Every. Stinkin’. Time. And I got sick of it. So no more social media for me and now I have a blog, which I’m rather enjoying.

I just went back and took a peek at my Instagram account to see if I needed to take care of anything, found this post and swiped it. And while I don’t use Strava I wasn’t surprised that people have found a way to be awful on it as well.

I just do not understand how it is hard for people to be nice to one another.

Mount Tom Again

While mounted on my bicycle doing my outandabouting today, I decided to truck up to the top level of one of the parking ramps (parking garage for my PNW fans) downtown and grab a pic of Mount Tom to kinda show what the lay of the land around here is like.

From here the Eau Claire river is in front of me running from the back of the photo to the front and the Chippewa is also in front of me running from left to right.

Mount Tom

At 1,110 feet Mount Tom is the highest point in Eau Claire, WI. And I gotta tell ya, as I’m from the Pacific Northwest I sometimes get a bit of the giggles referring to Tom as a “mount”. It’s barely a hill in my book. But, it is a nice bit of greenery and the road to the top is a reasonably good, if a bit short, workout when you bicycle up it. Views from the top are completely occluded by trees in the summer time, so I’ll have to ride back up and snap a few pics for you once the leaves drop. In the meantime here a pic I took of the road as I headed back down from the summit.