Ate Cauliflower. Didn’t Die.

Some people are just not cauliflower people and I am one of those people. But, this recipe looked interesting as I’m trying to eat healthier and to switch to a mostly vegetarian diet. I thought roasting cauliflower might negate my objections to the vegetable and give me something meaty to chew on. It worked. It’s still never going to be my favorite thing, but the texture and taste… Um…. I don’t don’t know how to describe it, but it lacks the dry, hard crumbliness of raw cauliflower and it’s sharp taste and the soggy grossness of the steamed stuff. Over all this was a solid and easy to fix meal that can be changed up to fit whatever you feel like eating and what’s in your fridge.

I found this recipe on Budget Bytes, which has all sorts of low fuss, healthy meals and, as the name suggests, are budget friendly.

A Swing And Sort Of a Miss?

I was riding along on my bike yesterday evening and I came across this flower that was being backlit by the setting sun so strongly that it appeared translucent. I stopped to take a picture of it hoping to capture the translucent-ness of the flower, which obviously didn’t happen, but I did get a reasonably good shot nonetheless. If I see this sort of thing in the future I think I try over exposing the shot a little bit.

Welcome To The Driftless Area

Hi, Welcome to the Driftless Area.

The Driftless Area got it name because it escaped being covered in glaciers in the Pleistocene and then covered in the glaciers “drift” as the glaciers retreated. The lack of glaciers and plentiful streams and rivers in the area also meant that The Driftless Area didn’t get squashed flat as a pancake by mile thick glaciers and has had plenty of time for area rivers to cut valleys deep into its bedrock.

The Driftless covers about 24K sq. miles of NE Iowa, SE Minnesota, and SW Wisconsin with most of the area devoted to open space, forest, and farms that, thanks to the local topography, are smaller that most farms in the Midwest. Much of the Driftless looks like the photo I’ve chosen to go with this post. There are a number of small towns, most situated in river bottoms and susceptible to the occasional flood. The biggest city is Eau Claire, WI, where I’m located with about 70K other folks.

That’s it for now, but be sure to tune back in for more exciting news about The Driftless.

About Things And Modernity

According to Historian Modris Eksteins one of the marks of the Modern Age is that when it comes to events and things how one feels about the event or thing and how one interacted with it is just as important as the event/thing itself.

I tend to agree with Eksteins on this. However, this inclusion of oneself and how one feels about bloody everything in every discussion is starting to overwhelm and oppress and it diminishes ones ability to discuss the actual thing. The Lazy Reconnoiter exists, at least in part, to strip away this modern habit and notion and to regain the ability discuss the thing itself.