”Poll: Americans united on a slew of issues, despite contentious election season”

Most of the news, and especially the political news, isn’t worth reading. They don’t ask questions that are worth looking into and by the end of the piece you end up more confused than you were at the beginning. So, I, mostly, don’t even bother with the news these days. But, I stumbled across thisContinue reading “”Poll: Americans united on a slew of issues, despite contentious election season””


Older voters were the core support for President Trump in 2016 and this time around it looks like a sizable chunk that support is going over to Biden. Which has me wondering: with all the vitriol that’s been hurled at brown and gay people over the last 4 years, and with the chances that ifContinue reading “Wondering???”

Deep Systemic Change?

I’ve seen a few bits online complaining that the Biden/Harris ticket isn’t one of “deep systemic change”, and while these people are right, they are also wrong. “Deep systemic change” isn’t something that can be delivered to you top down, it’s something that has to grow from the bottom up. And yeah, I get thatContinue reading “Deep Systemic Change?”