Me Nailing It On Twitter Back In October

I rarely get things as right as I did above, so I do think I should be able to brag it up a little. But, yeah, I don’t care what “side” you’re on. What I care about is getting everyone who, for one reason or another, qualifies as one of MY PEOPLE though our currentContinue reading “Me Nailing It On Twitter Back In October”

Coup Or Temper Tantrum?

Back to photos and such tomorrow… DC has cameras everywhere and many of the building have equipment that mimics a cell tower, so that your phone will ping it and security will know exactly who is where in their building. Every airport has cameras everywhere and police have easy access to flight um… Brain freezeContinue reading “Coup Or Temper Tantrum?”

Tarnished by Trump: National security officials struggle to find new jobs – POLITICO

Tarnished by Trump: National security officials struggle to find new jobs – POLITICO — Read on Partly I’m commenting on the article, partly I’m just seeing how this WordPress feature works. The article portrays former Trump officials not being able to get jobs their field as a problem. But, I don’t think that’s accurate.Continue reading “Tarnished by Trump: National security officials struggle to find new jobs – POLITICO”

Civil Disagreement

Wether or not we should all come together and forgive old slights now that Joe Biden has won the presidential election is much in the news these days. I would like to add this thought to the discussion: If I get up in someone’s face and call them a bastard, it might change their opinionContinue reading “Civil Disagreement”

On The Changing Of Minds

The first thing you need in order to to change someone’s mind about something is a person with a mind that is opened to being changed. All the fighting and ugliness over the last four years closed a lot of minds to the possibility of changing. The very real, very huge threats presented by COVIDContinue reading “On The Changing Of Minds”

Post Election Worries and Hawk Update

Apparently the Cooper’s Hawk I saw the other day has discovered that my neighborhood is a good hunting ground. I can’t see it, but I’ve heard it calling both yesterday and today. There’re a few folks out there worried that those of us, more or less, on the left will think the fight is overContinue reading “Post Election Worries and Hawk Update”

Transfer Of Power II

As reported in Politico , Trump’s own team has been working with congress and other relevant offices to transition the office of President should Biden win the election. I do wonder what’s going to happen if everyone other than Trump acknowledges that he’s lost the election? And I do get a case of the gigglesContinue reading “Transfer Of Power II”

Not Committing To A Peaceful Transfer Of Power.

While our President’s words yesterday were awful, I don’t think we should read too much into them. Trump never commits to anything and makes dreadful comments on the daily, this is probably just more of the same. I’m also not sure if what Trump says or thinks really matters here. Current and former military brassContinue reading “Not Committing To A Peaceful Transfer Of Power.”